Common Questions

Add-Ons Not Working
Audio is Out of Sync
Buffering Issues
Changing The Language
Check Log File
Clearing The Cache
Connecting To Wifi
FREESTREAM Has Shrunk to Corner of Screen
How To Add Movies & Shows to Favorite Category
How To Delete/Install Add-Ons
Keyboard Remote
Low Volume
No Memory or Storage Space Full
Restore To Factory Settings
Serial Number
Time/Date Incorrect

Add-On Not Working

Be sure that you are connected to the internet. Freestream does not create, control and maintain XBMC/Kodi or any addons. There are common fixes to add-ons that you will find on the internet. Start by doing a Google search for the add-on and then visit their website. You can also contact your local dealer to see if they have current information. An addon not working properly does not mean your box is defective or broken. This is the nature of streaming.


Audio is Out of Sync

If you find the audio is out of sync please try the following:

Step 1. While the media is playing press the ‘ok’ button on your remote to bring up the selection menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Scroll across to the right and click the ‘speaker’ icon

Step 3. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose Audio Offset

Step 4. Use the slider to control the audio forwards, or backward. This can be done while the video is playing to see real-time results.

Step 5. When you are happy with the sound, press the ‘return’ button on your remote, then return again to get back out to the selection menu.


Buffering Issues

When you see buffering it means that data is not loading fast enough for continuous playback of video. The causes and solutions are not always simple. There are many external conditions that contribute to buffering. Your device is not defective if you are experiencing buffering.

Causes: Your internet is slow. There area few possibilities. Freestream recommends at least 10mbs coming into the box. This does not guarantee that you won’t experience buffering, it’s only a recommendation. In addition, please note that full bars on the wifi icon only demonstrate the connection you have to your router, not your internet speed.

Location: The distance from your router to your X8 Box will greatly affect how well it will work. The construction of your residence will also impact the speed.

Router Quality: This is a common problem for many users. Often customers are paying for high speeds, but are seeing poor results on the media streamer and other devices. The quality of the router is often to blame. Many of the internet company issued modem/routers do a poor job or sending the signal. People are paying top dollar for high internet speed and do not have the quality hardware to actually benefit from it.

Time of Day: There are certain times of the day when more people are online. This can be caused by your internet providers load on the system or the number of people accessing the servers hosting the media. This is common with Coaxial cable companies. Think of it like a highway. You can easily drive your car fast at 3AM when there is little traffic, a few hours later it can be bumper to bumper.

Server: Freestream does not control or maintain any of the add ons or servers that the media is coming from. The quality of the servers and the maintenance of them is unknown. Buffering can be caused by a server that is not good enough to stream that video at that time you were trying to watch it, or there is high traffic at the time you are streaming.


Buffering Solutions

Increase internet speed:  If you are paying for around 10mbs internet, you may want to purchase more speed. The benefit outweighs the cost.

Location: If you move the media streamer closer to the router, it may solve some of the problems. If you are not able to do this, check out a wifi extender.

Router: If your internet subscription includes higher speeds, and you have a good connection to it,  you may want to purchase a high-speed router. There are many on the market that are 5ghz compatible. Also, try rebooting the router by unplugging it for ten seconds. This will often free up the router and restores full functionality.

Stream Choice: If you are having buffering issues try another stream and/or another addon. Choosing a high output stream is the single best way to resolve buffering issues. There are many add-ons on the X8 Box for this reason. It could be that the server for that addon is overloaded or going through some maintenance. Each stream is different, and the bandwidth speed that you are connecting to may be the problem on their end.

Changing The Language

Step 1: On the main screen click on the bottom right settings icon. (looks like a sprocket)
Step 2: Go to Language
Step 3: Scroll down the list and click on your choice

Check Log File

This message means that the stream will not work, you do not need to check anything. Try another stream if you see this message.

Clearing The Cache

To keep your Freestream X8 running well you should clear the cache once a week.
Scroll to SYSTEM on your Main category bar and select clear cache

Connecting To Wifi

 Step 1. Go to settings on the Main home screen

Step 2. The first option is NETWORK press OK > then Select WIFI

Step 3. Your wifi network should appear as available networks to join. click on your network. A pop-up screen will appear – enter your wifi password. It should connect in about 10 seconds.

FREESTREAM has Shrunk to the Corner of the Screen

On your keyboard remote click on the / or the \ key. This will set the screen back to full size.




If Codi will not open, it’s possible that the box was not shut down properly. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure that your box is connected to the internet. Go to the My Apps section of the X8 Box and click on the Freestream Updater

Step 2: Uninstall Media Center. Once deleted, then reinstall.

Step 3: Click on Download, choose your version. Let it download fully and wait for the yellow bar to disappear. Once completed, you should be all set. Remember when you use the system again you must wait 5 minutes for your first launch

How To Add Media To Your Favorites Category

You can add movies & shows to your favorite category to quickly find them in the future. Highlight the show you want to add, then click on the menu button on the stock remote. If using a keyboard remote click on the letter “c”. A menu will pop up and choose the option to add to favorites. That’s it. From now on you just have to go to the FAVORITES category to watch your shows.

How To Delete/Install Add-ons

1. In the Media Center scroll to > ADDONs
2. Arrow down and choose the subcategory > VIDEO ADDONS – the select Video Add-ons
3. Find whichever add-on you want to delete and select it
4. On the pop-up screen choose uninstall. This will remove the addon.
5. To Install an ADDON follow the same steps- scroll to ADDONS- select VIDEO ADD-ONS> then scroll up or down until you find a white PUZZLE PIECE Icon that says get more
8. Scroll through the list to find each add-on you require, select it and choose install from the pop-up. Wait a few seconds and you will see a message telling you the add-on has been enabled in the bottom right-hand corner.
9. Go back to the subcategory VIDEO ADDONS and you will see that you have indeed installed the ADDON.

Keyboard Remote

Main Functions:

1. Open the battery compartment and take out the USB receiver and put into one of the USB ports on the box
2. Turn the mini keyboard on. The on/off switch is located on the top right edge of the remote.
3. The arrow keys and ok buttons on right side of remote function the same as the stock remote.
4. There are 4 buttons beside these arrows. The bottom button is the “return” button which means it will go back one page.
5. The button above that or the one that has the house on it returns you all the way back to the home screen of the media streamer.
6. The letter “c” functions the same way the “menu” button does on the stock remote. This will bring up menus to choose favorite tv shows for example.
7. The remote comes with a USB charging cable. You can charge the remote using the USB port on the media streamer. Do not charge the remote for more than an hour as it may result in overcharging the battery.
8. The Fn + spacebar key moves through the 3 sensitivity settings of the remote.

To turn on the BACKLIGHT feature press the Fn & F2 at the same time.

Low Volume

If you have no volume, or if it’s low, use the remote for the streaming device, you can turn the volume up with it.


Go to the GOOGLE PLAY store in APPS on the main page you will have to sign in to Google search for Netflix and download the addon.

No Memory or Storage Space Full

When you get this message you need to reset the box to factory settings.

Restore Box To Factory Settings

Step 1: From the main screen of your device click on “Settings”.
Step 2: Click on “Storage & Reset”
Step 3: Click on “Factory Data Reset”
Step 4: Click on “Factory Data Reset” again
Step 5: Now click on “Erase everything” and again
Step 6: Your device will now power off and reboot and bring you back to the main screen after roughly 4- 8 minutes

The X8 Box will be back to the original Factory Setup- so you will have to reconnect to the internet and Install the Media Center & Your ADDON Version. Select your internet connection type if using WiFi log in to your WiFi if using Ethernet just check it off and wait for it to connect then click “Finish”
Go to the Freestream APK in My Apps or the main page and click Download – wait for download & extraction to complete
Please allow 5 to 10 minutes depending on your download speed, for all the apps to load.

Serial Number

Go to settings – the sprocket on the main page
Go to about then scroll down for serial number.


Start on the Main Screen by selecting “System”.
Then “Add-ons”.
Now click on “Install from repository”.
Select “Kodi Add-on repository”.
We are going to install some subtitles add-ons, click on “Subtitles”.
There are many providers, install the ones that suit your language need.

How to use while watching a show:
Step 1. While the film is playing press the ‘ok’ button on your remote to bring up the selection menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Scroll across to the right and click the ‘subtitle’ icon

Step 3. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose a subtitle addon

 Time & Date Incorrect

This typically means your device is not connected to the internet.
Please check your connection in the settings. You can check your connection by going to the speed test app on your device or by opening the web browser and try loading some web pages.
There is also an option in the Android settings to have the time and date set from the internet make sure this is checked off.